Tips on choosing a guardian for your kids

When you do estate planning, one of the things you will be asked to do if you have children under ID-10087764age 18 is designate who you would like to be appointed their guardian if both their parents die before they are 18.  For some parents, the choice is obvious.  For other parents, the choice is obvious but they are nervous about stating that choice because it may cause hurt feelings.  Other parents are in disagreement about who to name, and some parents simply have no ideas on who they would want to be guardian.

In any of these cases, the result, too often, is that all planning stops and the wills never get completed.  All because of this one decision.

There are tips in the video below for how to choose a guardian if you are stuck.  And if you still can’t make a decision, then skip it.  Do everything else – wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc – and leave the designation of guardian out.  Indecision in this one area should NEVER prevent you from completing everything else.