NJ Special Needs Trusts for Child or Adult with a Disability

A NJ special needs trust is an important part of creating a plan to take care of your child or adult with a developmental disability. A special needs law firm can explain exactly how to use this trust to protect and care for your child when they are an adult and the parents are no longer around.

New Jersey residents with a developmental disability, or an injury or illness that occurred in childhood and that will limit their ability to care for and support themselves as adults may be eligible to receive Medicaid and SSI cash benefits as adults if they have little or no work income and little or no property or assets in their name. Parents need to plan ahead to make sure that their child can receive these important benefits.

Special Needs Trusts

An important part of that plan is a NJ special needs trust, which is a way for parents and grandparents to leave money to help care for their child or adult with a disability without causing loss of government benefits. Leaving money to a child in a NJ special needs trust will maximize the impact of whatever resources are available to provide for the adult with a disability.

There are three types of NJ special needs trust, and using the right one is extremely important to make sure your child does not lose government benefits. An attorney at Parker Counsel Legal Services special needs law firm will work with you to set up everything up correctly.

Parker Counsel Legal Services is a special needs law firm and our attorneys can help your family create this trust and guide you in preparing all the legal documents you need to make sure your child is cared for to the end of their life.

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