Guardianship in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Adulthood is generally recognized at age 18, when teenagers suddenly have the right to make their own medical and educational decisions, and are no longer entitled by law to the support of their parents. But for children with developmental disabilities, or who have otherwise been disabled by injury or illness, age 18 may cause significant difficulty for parents trying to care for them. Once their child turns 18, parents can no longer get medical information, talk to teachers, attend special education meetings, or discuss their child’s coverage with health insurance companies unless the child has consented. For many special needs children, consent is not possible.

This is where guardianship comes in. A guardian can be appointed by a court for an adult individual who does not have the capacity to care for themselves. Parents are often appointed as guardian for their children with disabilities when the child turns 18 so that the parent can continue to take care of them properly. Our firm has a Portsmouth, NH guardianship attorney to represent families who need to obtain guardianship over their newly adult children. Our Portsmouth, NH guardianship lawyer can discuss with you the process and whether it is right for your family.

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