Guardianship for special needs family in Austin TX

At age 18 the law considers people adults responsible for their own medical, educational and living decisions. A child with Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, or other developmental disabilities may not be able to take on those responsibilities at age 18. In those cases, parents can apply to be appointed as guardian so that they can continue to care for their child as they did before the child turned 18.

A guardianship in Texas must be done by applying to the Court in the county where the individual lives. Your first step is to make an appointment with your child’s doctor for an evaluation. Your Austin Tx guardianship lawyer will provide you with a form for the doctor to complete during this evaluation. Your Austin TX guardianship attorney will then prepare an application to the court asking that you be appointed as guardian of your child, with the medical form serving as evidence that the guardianship is needed.

Once the application is filed, there are things like ad litems, criminal history checks, training, bonds and other details that our firm will help you navigate. To schedule a short phone consultation to see if guardianship is right for you family, call or email us at

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