Young Adult Kit: Personal Legal Documents

Medical emergencies require more than health insurance.

Imagine your 18-year-old heads off to college for the first time. While there, the unthinkable happens –- a serious injury, maybe from a car accident. You rush to help and find, to your surprise, that no one cares you are the parent. The doctors won’t talk to you, the school won’t give you any information, and the bank won’t let you into the account. At 18, your child is an independent adult, and you are no longer able to act on their behalf without explicit permission.

This kit you can prevent that problem. A few minutes now will ensure that someone has the authority to protect your child’s interests if that unthinkable event happens.

Read my story and how I came to create the Young Adult Kit: I Preach This Stuff Because I Live it Myself and It Matters


$79  YA Kit cover

The Fearless Family Young Adult Kit is a Do-It-Yourself legal guide. Six critical legal forms are included: a Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Directive to Physicians, Burial Instructions, HIPAA release, and FERPA release. Appropriate for Texas residents only.

What you get: 35-page PDF E-book manual with instructions on completing the six included forms.