Special Needs Trusts

Need a Special Needs Trust Attorney in Austin, Hays County, Williamson County, or anywhere else in Texas?

Children with serious developmental disabilities may be eligible for supplemental security income (SSI) and Medicaid when they turn 18, if not before. But this vital benefit is only available to individuals who have a very low income and assets of less than $2000. Parents who leave an inheritance, life insurance, or retirement funds to their child risk losing their child’s much needed benefits.

There is a way for parents to save and provide money to give their child a much better quality of life than they can achieve if they are solely dependent on government benefits. It is called a Special Needs, or Supplemental Needs, Trust. This type of trust allows you to leave money to help with the care of your child without causing your child to lose what their benefits.

This is not an ordinary trust, and must be created according to very specific legal requirements. For an Austin special needs trust attorney that can get you on track, call us. We can help you create a trust for your child and guide you in administering it.

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