Why the Boots?

Taking care of your family, taking care of your special needs child, taking care of your life – all require a steady, step by step approach to identifying your goals, implementing them, and maintaining them.

Red is a symbol of power.

The red boots are a metaphor for your power, control, and determination to do what needs to be done. We admire you and we are honored to help you.

Listen to Pam talk about her boots on the Texas Standard. 

Meet the Founder

Pamela ParkerFullSizeRender

Parents of children with special needs know they need more than good doctors and therapists to set the stage for a great and safe future for their kids. With attorney Pam Parker’s approach to solving the toughest worry parents face – “what will happen to my child when I’m gone?” – parents can actively take control of their child’s future and let go of the worry. An attorney long before she became the mother of her own special needs children, Pam is walking the same path and sharing what she knows about the law to help other parents like herself. Your child is unique, your family is unique, and when you plan with  Parker Counsel, your plan will be unique, too.