Speaking and Workshops

Photo of Pamela ParkerPam is available to speak to groups all over the state.

Parents need to know that worry about what will happen to their child doesn’t have to be the norm. Pam speaks about the Four Keys of a good plan for your child’s future –

  • A community of caregivers
  • Financing for a quality lifestyle
  • Continuity of care during transitions from a parent’s care to the care of others
  • Legal documents to make the plan work

Sprinkled with stories, examples, and personal anecdotes from her own life with two children with disabilities, she will leave you informed and inspired to take action.

Call for schedule and fees: 512-804-9934 or email pparker@parkercounsel.com

Current Presentations

  • You Might Live Forever.  But Probably Not.  The Four Keys to Setting Up a System to Care for Your Child After You are Gone.
    Caregivers, finances, transition tools and legal documents to make it all happen the way the parents intend are covered in this talk.  The presentation is geared for a 45 minute session, but can be adjusted down to 30 minutes or expanded by adding a Q&A session.
  • What To Do When Your Adult Child Isn’t Fully Adult: Guardianship and Other Ways to Help Your Child
    When a child turns 18, parents can no longer speak for them in medical, personal, financial, or other decisions. If your child is not able to make their way in the world on their own, you must take legal steps to retain your right to help them.  This talk covers the elements of guardianship and also discusses alternatives that may be available.  The presentation can be adjusted to fit a 15, 30, or 45 minute time slot.
  • Customized Presentation

Tell us your specific needs and interests and we can tailor a presentation for your group.

Partial List of Organizations for Which Pam has Spoken

  • Texas Association for Alternative Education
  • Council on Education in Management
  • Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Austin
  • Aspies of Austin
  • Austin Autism Support
  • Northwest Houston Chapter of the Autism Society of America
  • College Living Experience
  • University of Texas Continuing Legal Education Program
  • Center for Community Based and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Travis County
  • Region 13 Education Service Center
  • Region 15 Education Service Center
  • Round Rock ISD
  • San Marcos ISD


“. . . Pam’s style is approachable and inviting while keeping us on task and moving forward.”

“Information was succinct and to the point.  Sticking to just the things we must know is very important because there is so much info it is easy to get lost.”

“The presentation style of the facilitator makes it easy for the audience to participate, and with a potentially stifling topic – Pam makes everyone feel comfortable.”