People and Money – How to Prepare for Lifelong Care for Your Special Needs Child

writing pad Having a grown child who is dependent on others for all or part of their daily care means planning for their life after yours is critical.   Ignoring the task will inevitably make things more difficult for not only your child physically, emotionally, and financially, but also for the family members who will have to pick up the scattered pieces you leave behind.

It’s overwhelming to think about, we know.  But we have a system and can walk you through the four key areas of planning that will create a system to care for your child no matter what the future may bring.   We will help you, step by step, put together a community of caregivers, maximize financial supports, create transition tools, and nail it all down with the proper legal documents.

Start with a free phone conversation. Call us toll free at (844) 691-9928.  Find out what you need to know.  Find out how we can help.  Find out how to put your plan together.  Step by step.  It’s easier than it seems. start-1063441_1280

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