Fearless Family Legal Document Package

Key Four of the Four Keys to Special Needs Planning is to have legal documents in place to ensure that your plan is carried out as you intend.  This package includes much of the legal planning you will need to complete this key area.
The Basic Package includes the following:
  • Documents and materials related to the winding up of your affairs in the event of your death
  • Documents and materials to take care of you in the event of your own permanent or temporary disability
  • Documents and materials to provide financial, personal, and transitional care for your child with a disability

Documents you will prepare:

  • Will
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Minor’s trusts
  • Designation of Guardian for a minor child
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney/Healthcare Proxy
  • Living Will
  • HIPAA Release form

Materials you’ll receive:

  • A binder for your special needs trust, with basic instructions for administration and record keeping
  • Sample letters for relatives
  • EIN application for your special needs trust
  • Complimentary copy of  “Special Planning Workbook: Create a Personal Instruction Manual for Your Special Needs Child”
  • Checklists for things you need to do after you create these documents
  • Checklists for making sure you keep all your documents and plans up to date

You’ll receive personal advice and guidance on:

  • Choosing your child’s guardians
  • How to distribute your assets, including life insurance and pension plans, to meet your goals
  • The specific terms of your minor’s and special needs trusts
  • Choosing trustees and executors
  • Transferring assets to the Special Needs Trust, if necessary

The package includes a minimum of three consultations, in person, by phone or email as appropriate, and inclusion on an annual reminder list that will help you keep your plan working and up to date.

Package add-ons:

  • Succession planning for business owners – quoted after consultation
  • Tax planning for estates subject to state or federal estate tax (Texas has no estate tax) – quoted after consultation

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