Fearless Family Fast Track Estate Plan

“I’ve been meaning to do this.”

“I saw you speak a few years ago.”

“We’re going on a cruise next month and I want to get this done before we leave, just in case.”

“My mother/sister/brother/uncle/etc has been trying to get me to do this for a while.”

“My father died last year without a will and it was a mess.  I don’t want to do that to my family.”

“My father died last year and had everything completely in order.  I want to do that for my family.”

These are just a few of the things that people say to me when they finally sit down in my office to start creating their estate plan.  For whatever reason, most people have a hard time making it a priority to write their will, even after they’ve researched and studied and thought about it and decided that they want to do it.  What finally motivates people to take action varies, but the reaction they have when they finally sign all the documents and everything is in place is universal – a big sigh of relief.

Estate planning is important for everyone, but for families with special needs members, it can mean the difference between preserving or losing vitally important government benefits.  Yet the task is just as difficult for those families to get started as it is for others.

I know that it is often overwhelming and sometimes emotional for people to think about the issues involved in preparing a will.  But it doesn’t have to be a big scary process.  You make the decisions that make the most sense today.  If those change, then you can change your estate plan as well.  Your attorney will give you options and make suggestions when you get stuck.  Most importantly, your attorney will know how to make your ideas work.

The Law Office of Pamela Parker has put together a Fast Track Plan that may be right for you – it’s designed to help you take action now and avoid dragging your feet after you start.  Because we know you want to do this, and we also know you may need a little incentive to make it a priority.


What is the difference between the Fast Track Plan and the regular plan?

You get the same personal service and the same documents as the regular plan, but by committing to pay in advance and complete your homework and review of drafts in the two week timeframe,  the time our office spends on billing and administrative activities is reduced, so we are passing the savings on to you. 

How much of a discount am I getting?

All prices on the Fast Track Plan range from 20%-30% off the regular price. 

Can I still talk to the attorney as much as I need?

Yes.  All Fast Track Plans are specifically crafted for your personal situation and the attorney will spend as much time talking with you as either she or you need to make sure your plan is right. 

What if something happens and I can’t finish in the two week period?

If you find you simply cannot complete your homework or review in the timeframe, you can can choose to extend the time period at a rate of $100 per additional week. However, if a family emergency prevents you from working on your plan, we will work with you on a reasonable extension of time.  

What can I expect to happen if I sign up?

When you call or email, your eligibility will be verified and we will confirm which service you need.  You will schedule a one hour appointment and be sent a payment invoice.  Once payment is received, you will be emailed a worksheet to complete prior to your appointment and return it to our office.  During the appointment, the attorney will go over your worksheet, ask additional questions, and give you the opportunity to ask questions.  At the end of the first appointment the attorney will have a plan in mind for you.  Also at the end of the first appointment, the attorney will make a second appointment approximately two weeks later for the signing of your documents. Within a few days of the first appointment, drafts of all your plan documents will be emailed to you for review.  You can make corrections, changes, add or delete items, or ask additional questions of the attorney.  If a second draft is needed, it will be completed and emailed to you. You will communicate with the attorney as much as necessary by phone or email in order to get your documents right. Once you ok the drafts, your “pretty” documents will be printed and waiting for you on the day of your second appointment.  At the second appointment a notary and witnesses will be present to finalize your documents. 


If this sounds right for you, give us a call.  Find out more here – The Fearless Family Fast Track Plan

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