Becoming a Client

Start by contacting us for an appointment.  Phone calls or email will work.

Not near our office?  Or you’re near but have difficulty getting out of the house? Not a problem!  We can talk to you by phone or video conference, which is almost like being there in person.  After that, most communication can be done by email or phone.

During the initial meeting, we’ll discuss your situation and what you would like to accomplish.  Your attorney will ask some questions and will then give you a cost for the matter.  Most cases are given a flat fee cost, which means you know up front how much it will cost.  When a flat fee is not possible, we will give you an hourly rate, explain how time is kept, and give you an estimate of the total cost.

If we decide to work together, we’ll sign a contract and then you’ll be given a game plan for our work.

If we decide not to work together, that’s okay, too.

In Texas, contact us at (512) 804-9934 or

In Massachusetts, contact us at (413) 203-9358 or

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